Monday, December 3, 2007

Club this week!!

This week at club we will be making these cute little "Tic Tac" mints holders. They make great treats for school or to put on your workmates desk! These a very fun and easy to make! Hope you can join me.

Also at club this week we will be making a "swing card". Just a few careful cuts and a little scoring and you'll end up with the lovely card below!!! I wanted to show you that things don't always come easy to me either (LOL). Don't worry I've got the hang of it now and have yours all cut, scored and ready. However!!!! You will be making your own template to go home with so you will know how to make these! Please bring your paper cutters and scoring blades if you have them.
This is the "Swing Card" we will be making. Hopefully you can tell by the pictures that the center part rotates to reveal the other side. These are fun cards to make for all occasions.