Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Off To The Alamo!!

On day 2 we planned to visit the Alamo!! We had a lovely breakfast in the hotel and already I knew this week was going to be a "go on then, you're on holiday " week which is a phrase my family at home taught us (which we took on rather quickly) that basically is an excuse to indulge and indulge I did all week long!  As we headed towards town thinking Lisa would be taking us to the Tour Bus Depot so we could get our tickets to go to the Alamo. We stopped suddenly and she announced "here we are"! Kayla and I looked around and asked "where"? "The Alamo" Lisa says! Well since we both thought we would load on a bus and head out into the "desert" with sagebrush rolling by, we were quite shocked to find out that The Alamo was smack dab in the middle of the town! We went inside to see the amazing piece of history. It was quite humbling to see the smallness of the rooms. We wandered the outside and was offered to watch a small movie of the events that lead up to that fateful day. the narrator was a fantastic story telling and included many of the group into his story. This I found to be the most fascinating of the entire experience, I learned of a story that I never really new the true facts of and felt a part of it as he told the tale of events. That made the whole visit worth it and when you walked through the "long building" afterwards to see all the artifacts it put a whole new light on everything. You can see more here.

After the Alamo we did take a bus tour of the city, visiting 2 of the other Missions and stopping at the Mexican Market. We tried some Mexican pastries which I found to be close to many of those from England and di some shopping!

I really enjoyed the day and found the people to be so curtious and friendly. We finished off the day with a walk around the river walk!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My dear friends....

Kayla, my dear friend, fellow demo and first Leadership attendee (like me) flew down together and met up with Lisa another dear friend from Minnesota.

Wes and I met Lisa and Henry on the Alaskan Cruise where we table mates with them and some other great couples. We have remained in contact with all of them and so look forward to seeing each other and other events. Wes and I  soon became friends Lisa and Henry and enjoyed many evening's with them and look forward to getting together again soon.

For our first evening we decided to dine at the Tower of America, Lisa our trusty tour guide had everything planned out for us so we could see the most while we were there! 

We rode the elevator up to the top, it goes up the outside of the tower. The whole top area is a restaurant and viewing deck.

We enjoyed a great meal and then went up top where you could view all of San Antonio.

That ended our first day in San Antonio!!

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas
    We stayed at the Marriot, right across the street from the Lila Cockrell Theatre where Leadership Conference was held. We were also right on the river walk which became our stomping grounds for the next glorious week. We left snow and landed in lovely warm weather and it was great the whole week as well. We checked in and dropped off our suitcases and headed for the river and got tickets for the barge tour.

While waiting we decided to have a wander through the mall also conveniently close by, we found plenty of touristy shops to come back to collect souvenirs. Our ride along the river was great, we had a great tour guide who had us chuckling a few times.

Well my friends and family, it's been a long time I know. But I am ready to give this bloggin' thing another go! I have just returned from Stampin' Up! Leadership in San Antonio, Texas and couldn't think of a better way than sharing our theme for this year "my way". How perfect that fit for just how I have been doing things the past few years and that no matter how you chose "my way" (YOUR WAY) does work for all of us. If you'd have told me 4 years ago how different things would be for me now I would never have believed you!! Well let me tell you a lot has happened in the past few years and I am very happy to say that my life has been enriched in so many different ways that I could not ask for more. I am still happily married to the most handsome man in the world (although that Channing Tatum is quite a dish) and still have the prettiest girls but we now have added the 2 of the most adorable Grandson's to the family as well. They have brought us all so much joy and are a huge part of our lives as they live with us along with their Mommy, our daughter Brittany. Alissa, our baby is turning 16 next week and talking of a boy/girl party, omgosh where has the time gone? Through all this I have been stampin' and still sharing my love of paper crafting! I was overjoyed to earn the 2011 incentive trip from Stampin' Up! an amazing cruise with my husband to Alaska which we went on last May. I was truely pampered and felt like a queen. I met some incredible women that will remain lifelong friends. A huge thanks goes out to all my friends and family for the support and SU orders to make it happen! I am also very excited to tell you that I earned the incentive trip for this year to Disney World thanks again to my team, friends and family for helping me achieve this also! All this and the whole time I've been doing it my way! With being stay at home Nana (SAHN) to my grandson's it was a little tougher to get things ready for clubs and often found my kits missing a piece or two. I had eager hands that wanted to stamp and cut and those boys just love the big shot. There were times when I thought it's time to give up but SU was the one thing I did for myself and I refused to let go. I had great reassurance and my family really helped out a lot to make things happen. I have also been blessed with a growing team that keeps me motivated with their fresh excitement. I have made a great deal of friendships over the past few years and am so very grateful for my life. So with that I hope to get back to bloggin' and sharing more. Thank you all for sticking by me and for all the support I am forever grateful!!