Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ok already, so it's not really my room!

Guess I better let those of you that don't know that although I do have a desk in my room, I don't see the top of it very often. The picture below was taken at the Stampin’ Up! ® Headquarters in Riverton, Utah last July during convention. It was a decent picture so I went for it!


Vicky said...


Anonymous said...

Salut vicky

Son bon vous voir!


ks said...

Hi Vicky!

In your dreams! And mine! HA HA! Needs to be a bigger room for me though!


Renee G said...

Tell hubby to start building your dream room, he might have to add on! ha

Sista said...

Finally I can post a comment. This is so cool. Love the shoebox swap, only just saw it today. It took me that long to figure it out. Great job, long time overdue. Love ya Sista