Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shaker Cards.

This is a card from last years club. Each month I showed a different technique, this was a shaker card. I used little pasta alphabets for the inside. I stamped “Ah -Choo” using black StazOn on the transparency window.


Ruthie Schow said...

Hi Vicky,
I love the alphabet pasta! I've looked at Albertsons and they don't carry the dried kind.
I did let a few spoonfuls of some canned alphabet soup dry out one day in desparation. Works...kinda. Let me in on where you pick this cute stuff up!
Talk to you soon!

Vicky said...

Ruth I too had a hard time finding these at first but finally realized I was looking in the wrong area! Look in the ethnic ilse with the Spanish foods. They have a whole bunch of small shapes including alphabets and stars. I first saw these when I lived in New Mexico, I got mine a Smith's but sure you can find them at Albertsons too. Vicky