Friday, August 17, 2007

Scavenger Hunt 2 Answers!!

Where is MVP? p. 86, sporting stamp set
Where is baby 'Lucy'? p. 79 scrap page
Where will I find a stamp that says 'Know that I care sealed with a kiss'? this is a trick question. p. 48 ~ the stamp set is sealed with a kiss. a stamp within the set is know that i care!
What use do the stipple brushes have? to add texture and dimension
Name 3 new Simply Scrappin' Kits confetti, winter bright, secret garden
Who is cutie pie? p. 64, dilly dally jumbo wheel ???
Where will you find the phone # (123) 456-7890? p. 162, personalized stamps page examples
Where is Little Lamb? p. 64, dilly dally baby jumbo wheel
What's a Big Deal? alphabets and numbers
Where are stamps all in a row? page 123
What is Noble? a deer set on p. 110
Where will I find a 'genuine' card? p. 149
Who said 'the essence of love is kindness? Robert Louis Stevenson
What happened at 2:13 in the afternoon? Hailey Jo Hansen was born, p. 78
What is 'all spruced up' p. 55, a stamp in the set "fun and fast notes" and a card on the same page
Which stamp set will I find a tie? p. 83, all about family
Which stamp set is 'stuck on you' moose you, p. 60
Where is 'Joy, Friendship, Peace and Faith'? p. 59, symbols of solitude
What is happening at Megan's house? p. 139, a surprise party for Kim
Where will you find the Brooks family? p. 120, scrap page

What did Robert Louis Stevenson say? the essence of love is kindness.

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