Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Something new.

Peggy came up with the great idea for me to post all our helpful tips here. I've decided to call it Tuesday's Tips and will (with the help of you) post handy tips here each week. So email me with your tips and I'll post them each week, Thanks for the support.

Tuesday's Tips

I use those 'disposable' glad plastic containers for my Embossing Powder and glitter; I found the cheap ones don't stay closed as well. I use plastic spoons in them to sprinkle the powder onto my Card Stock. Before I put my powder into the container the first time I rub all over with my embossing buddy on the container and spoon to reduce static.

Use the brayer to evenly ink up background stamps.

To line up your lines when wheeling, start on the left side if you're right handed so you can see the last line you wheeled (vice versa for lefties). This will help tremendously. Also, if the design doesn't matter - wheel diagonally instead of straight across the page - if you're a little crooked, it's harder to notice.

If your new stamp doesn't stamp well (usually has a waxy kind of film on it), just give it a light brush across your jeans, and it will pick up the ink a lot better! This works great for those bolder and larger images if you do this first.

Those huge desk calendars the ones that basically cover the entire desk are awesome for stamping on top of. When there is too much ink on the paper just throw it away.

Check you newspaper office they sell rolls of newspaper that are *short* on paper for a great price.. When I say short on paper I mean, there is still so much there that it takes forever to use it all. Good to cover your stamping area with and great for kids to stamp on, you can even make your own gift-wrap.

Keep your bottle of Crystal Effect stored upside down, this prevents it from clogging the tip. I store mine in a cup on my desk, never had any trouble with it after that!

A small circle punch makes a cute button. Use a tiny hole punch to put "button holes" in it

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Anonymous said...

I always love to read people's tips.... these were great, Vicky!
Thanks for sharing them.