Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well, I thought I’d challenge my clubbers to another scavenger hunt, thanks to Max, I wish she would just keep doing these! You learn so much and see so much more whilst searching! Please have your answers emailed to me by Saturday evening and post your name on the blog. There will be a prize! Here you go!

Where is MVP?
Where is baby 'Lucy'?
Where will I find a stamp that says 'Know that I care sealed with a kiss'?
What use do the stipple brushes have?
Name 3 new Simply Scrappin' Kits
Who is cutie pie?
Where will you find the phone # (123) 456-7890?
Where is Little Lamb?
What's a Big Deal?
Where are stamps all in a row?
What is Noble?
Where will I find a 'genuine' card?
Who said 'the essence of love is kindness?
What happened at 2:13 in the afternoon?
What is 'all spruced up'
Which stamp set will I find a tie?
Which stamp set is 'stuck on you'
Where is 'Joy, Friendship, Peace and Faith'?
What is happening at Megan's house?
Where will you find the Brooks family?
What did Robert Louis Stevenson say?

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