Sunday, February 10, 2008

And the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was tough!!!! So many of you had the answers right even though I tried my hardest to stump you! The first person with the most correct answers was, ahead only by 24 mins. was....

Cherie Thorsness

Thanks to all that played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt
Spring ~ Summer
Collection 2008

1. Name 3 new wheels. Classic Stars, It’s Beautiful, Nursery Letters, Pinch Me, Something Fishy, Spunky Spots, Stems and Silhouettes, Blooms and Bulbs, Boho Friend, Kisses, Perfect Fit, Sandy Shells, Solitude, and Take a Number.
2. Which stamp set is to be used with the Boho Blossoms punch? One Of A Kind pg. 109
3. Who is “My Girl”? Maddie pg. 109
4. List a page where any of the new rub-ons were used. Lots and lots of places!
5. Where’s Fancy Pants? Many Happy Returns pg. 139
6. What type of material is flower fusion made of? Felt pg. 177
7. Name a Style Watch. Boho West 12-13, Eastern Eclectic 10-11, or Crew Classics 8-9
8. When customers purchase this set, SU donates $2.00 to Ronald McDonald House. Just Like You.
9. Where can I find bowls full of accessories? Pg. 12
10. Name 3 colors that are available in jumbo cartridges. Pg. 163-165
11. My ______Kind & _______ Friend. Dear wonderful
12. How much is a craft ink refill? $4.25
13. Find the stamp set that coordinates with Ginger Blossom Designer Paper. Embrace Life
14. How many cards can I make with supplies from Friendly Notes? 14
15. When are you supposed to wear Red? When in Doubt pg. 55
16. How much does “On A Whim” cost? $18.95 pg. 160
17. Who’s having a bubble bath? Alex, Mandy and Megan, pg. 38
18. How many sheets of paper in a Designer Series pack of paper? 12sheets
19. Name 3 new background stamps. Form and Function, French Flair, Stitched, Pretty Petals, Twill, Riot of Petals pg. 136-138
20. Where would you use serrano peppers? In salsa, From the Kitchen, pg. 131
21. Name 3 new stamp sets. Toooo many!!
22. What did Thomas More say? “ Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal”. Pg. 44
23. Name our new glitters. Chunky Essentials and Fine Cosmo pg. 186
24. What is a color spritzer tool used for? Achieves spectacular effects using a stampin’ write marker.
25. Where can I find halfback pearls? Pretties Kit, pg. 188
26. What is Rose Cottage? Simply Scrappin’ Kit pg. 174
27. What is temporary when dry, but permanent if used promptly? 2-way glue pen or Tombow Multi-purpose Adhesive, pg. 186
28. Where is the Graduation being held? U of U, pg. 60
29. How many fish in “Something Fishy”? 15 fish, pg. 80
30. What did Mark Twain have o say about Father’s? “My Father was an amazing man. The older I got, the smarter her got.” Pg. 112

Bonus: What’s my favorite stamp set (this week. lol.)? My favorite set this week is Boho Backgrounds, which I used to make the pink and brown card on my blog!

Good luck!!!!

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