Friday, June 8, 2007


Coaster Squash Book

Two 4" x 4" square coastersTwo 4" x 4" pieces of cardstock or patterned paper for the covers
Three 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" pieces of cardstock for the inside pages
Double sided tape
Glue stick
Paper trimmer with cutting and scoring blade

Step 1. Cover your coasters with cardstock or patterned paper, trim around corners as necessary.
Step 2. Score each of the 7 1/2" cardstock squares in half at the 3 3/4" mark both vertically and horizontally.
Step 3. Score each cardstock in half once on the diagonal (from corner to corner).
Step 4. Fold on all scored lines.
Step 5. Take the middle piece and place it with the diagonal fold pointing down. Add double-sided tape on unscored quarters of the cardstock.
Step 6. Take the second piece of cardstock. The diagonal fold should point up. Adhere one square of that cardstock to one of the squares of the middle piece.
Step 7. Adhere the third piece of cardstock to the other side of the middle piece.
Step 8. Adhere the third piece of cardstock to the other side of the middle piece.
Step 9. Fold squash book. Add double-sided tape to the outside page.
Step 10. Adhere one covered coaster to the outside page
Step 11. Repeat on the other side. Adhere one covered coaster to the outside page.
Step 12. Add photos and journaling to finish the project. Different sized photo’s were and can be used, just make sure you cut the picture where it will lay on the score line to ensure it folds properly.
Step 13. Decorate the front. Run ribbon underneath the front image to tie the book on the side.

Use different sizes:12" x 12" paper scored at 6"8 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper scored at 4 1/4"Using mat board, cut 1/4" bigger than your inside pages for covers.


Sista said...

Thought you might have put club projects on, but then other club members would see if early.

Vicky said...

This is the club project for the month Sista! I will try to post each month's project before hand.

Sista said...

I just want to tell you again, this is a big hit with me, I can only hope that others are checking on a regular basis, for those that need ideas, we'll here they are. Just get on line and look. Thanks. Sista