Friday, June 8, 2007

Inside there is plently of room for all those zoo pictures!

Can you believe it all folds up into such a neat little package? I have been making these for a long time and sold a few but none have ever been this cute. "TIP" Don’t have a Cuttlebug die cutter? Spritz your cardstock lightly with water, put it inside the folder and get out your handy dandy rolling pin and roll away. Let dry, viola, now you too are cuttlebugging!


Sista said...

Oh sista this is so neat, I just love how you have more than one idea on there, except I have to hurry and scroll down to see it all first, then go back. Can you save these pages to a favorites spot. It's like being at yours without leaving my house. Keep them coming.

Sista said...

love it what are you doing this weekend?